Remote Video Monitoring

So you’ve installed a CCTV Camera System to protect your business. You’ve even installed surveillance signs and placed them all around your property. But have you done all that you can do?

One of the growing trends in property security is Remote Video Monitoring. This is an invaluable service where you have a live person monitoring your camera system from a central surveillance station that can be hundreds even thousands of miles away. The benefits of this type of add-on service to a traditional CCTV system is immeasurable. One of the main flaws of a camera system is that they are typically only useful after the fact. After a crime was committed. After you incurred damage. After you have expenses.

By adding Remote Video Monitoring, you now made a reactive system PROACTIVE. With a live person watching your cameras and having the ability to communicate via 2-way audio directly to the location, your system will now prevent problems from happening rather then just deal with it after it already happened. Imagine the power of a live person seeing a problem about to happen and immediately speaking over a loud speaker.

“Gentleman in the black hat and blue shirt; what is your business here?” or “You have entered private property, leave immediately or the police will be called.”

You will never see criminals run so fast! People are much more likely to commit a crime if they think they are alone. As soon as they realize they are not anonymous and are being watched, they will stop immediately!

If you are tired of your property being the victim of crime and you already have a CCTV Camera System installed, consider adding Remote Video Monitoring.

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