Surveillance Signs or Dummy Cameras?

For people interested in security, but without the budget for a proper CCTV Camera System, Dummy Cameras are often the solution of choice. They are cheap, easy to install and give quick satisfaction that you are doing something. The problem with these Fake Cams is well… they usually look fake. Especially to the trained eye of a professional criminal. This can be completely counterproductive to your security goal. Once a potential wrong-doer sees fake cameras, their immediate thought is – there is no security here and to have no concern of getting caught. This often makes them even more brazen.

A great solution to this problem is to use a campaign of well placed Surveillance Signs rather then Dummy Cameras. Camera Warning Signs offer the deterrence of a security system without the knowledge of whether real cameras exist or not. Often when criminals see CCTV Signage or Decals, not only do they assume a real security system exists, but since they can not locate the actual cameras, they think it must be a real high-tech system with hidden spy cams all over the place. Usually this intimidates the criminal and they decide to move on looking for an easier target.

In addition to the obvious look of fake cameras, one of the biggest tell tale signs of a dummy system is how it is installed. Where do the wires go? Is that how a properly installed camera would look? Is it possible that a real camera could be installed there? You should give this point careful consideration if this is something you are considering.

If you can make sure that the Dummy or Fake Cameras you are installing look real, then using them in conjunction with Camera in Use Warning Signs and Stickers may make sense and be helpful. But, if your system looks fake, you are sending a big message of ‘No Security Here’. This is basically inviting problems.

Give careful though to the message your security sends out. Victims of crime are often in such a hurry to just get something in place, that they think anything is better then nothing. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

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